23 sep. 2009


Un día ella dijo que se iba, alistó su maleta y se vistió de rojo, con tacones altos hizo ruido al caminar, tiró una puerta y con maleta en mano me miró.

- Me voy, ahora te quedas sin nada - me dijo

La miré sin pestañear y ni siquiera bostecé, no me levanté a despedirme, no hice nada, no expresé sentimiento alguno porque nada sentía y le dije:

- Esta cárcel nunca ha tenido barrotes, este corazón nunca ha albergado nada, nada te he pedido y nada me quedo, nada te he dado y nada te llevas, pero te quiero mostrar algo antes de que te vayas.

Y le mostré mi alma.

Salió corriendo, dejo la maleta y se le rompió un tacón. Dejó la puerta abierta.

Le asustó ver que no tenía nada.

4 sep. 2009

Coffee and Sex, the perfect mix.

-Two coffee cups with a delicious taste and a excellent session sex at the morning (Who said that stars can only touch at night?). So, tell me, what more can i do for you?

-Today? Nothing, thanks, you are very complacent and i´m grateful for that. now you gotta go to work, come on hurry up.

While Sack was getting ready to leave, Susan thought about the speech of his husband. She was agree about coffee, but about sex, not really.

When Susan was alone, she called a old friend from the college. His name was Gianlucca, yes, you´re right, he was italian. If you did this deduction, you can rest assured you surprised me. You are very clever.

Well, we must come back to the story.

She told him about her marital issues, so, he asked her to get out to enjoy a coffee.

And she answered with a rotund NO. And she add - I need another thing, actually, I´ve gotten enough coffee for today.